What is Genomical?

Genomical® is a platform that takes the manual work out of a genomic test. It moves data between testing tools, stores it securely in the cloud, and feeds it back to healthcare systems in a language they can understand.

Genomical solves the data problem holding genomics back. 

Genomic data is huge, complex and hard to share with conventional methods.

Genomics has been bogged down by siloed approaches to data management. Patients can’t get their genomic data transferred if they change healthcare providers. Data can’t be accessed for further analysis. And haphazard storage makes genomic data vulnerable to cybertheft.

A platform that enables safe storage, authorised access and meaningful use of genomic data can supercharge precision medicine in Australia. Enter Genomical.

It’s made for healthcare. 

Genomical was built by and for Australian medical laboratories, to support real-world genomic testing.

Six healthcare providers use Genomical, delivering more than 15,000 accredited genomic tests from 2019-2022.

One lab saved five hours for every batch of tests by using Genomical to replace manual downloads and uploads of large genomic files.

It’s a standard-gauge rail system for genomics.

The standard-gauge track transformed railways. People travelled further, goods arrived faster, and new commercial opportunities opened up.

Genomical can do the same thing for genomics. It provides a consistent way to store, access, analyse and use genomic data in healthcare.

No other Australian platform can do this, and no other platform in the world can do it within Australia’s healthcare system.

It keeps genomic data safe. 

Genomical offers industry-leading security underpinned by robust privacy and governance processes.

Genomes and test data are stored safely in the AWS cloud. Only the laboratory that did the test can access the data; and – if patients need them to – they can authorise other labs to see it as well.

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The Genomical team acknowledges the Wurundjeri, Gunaikurnai and all First Nations peoples on whose lands we live and work. We pay respect to their Elders, past and present. We also acknowledge the First Nations scientists, researchers and leaders who are shaping the future of genomic medicine.

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