Transcendomics launches to make clinical genomics scalable across Australia and beyond.

3rd April, 2024

A genomic software platform developed by the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance will be taken forward by a new venture that aims for nationwide uptake. 

Genomical® is a software platform that makes genomic data readable by healthcare software, usable by doctors, and safe from cybertheft. It streamlines medicine’s most complex test, and enables scientists to use the latest genomic tools in a fast-evolving industry.  

Genomical was developed by Melbourne Genomics to enable multiple laboratories across Victoria to deliver medicine’s most complex test at scale.  

Genomic health informatician Dr Natalie Thorne helped conceive and design Genomical. She is now Chief Scientific Officer of Transcendomics, a new venture that will take it forward. 

Dr Thorne said: “Genomic data has been a problem for labs. It’s expensive and risky to store on premises, takes a huge amount of time to upload and download, and is too complex for electronic health records to manage. We’ve solved those problems with Genomical, opening the door for genomics to be truly scalable.” 

Six medical laboratories have used Genomical to support more than 20,000 clinically-accredited genomic tests for patients with inherited conditions and cancer.  

Transcendomics is now seeking industry partnerships to ensure Genomical is available to more medical laboratories across Australia and beyond. 

“Now is the time to invest in genomics,” said Dr Thorne. “Medicare already funds genomic testing for childhood syndromes, kidney disease, heart disease, hearing loss and some cancers. There’s growing recognition that far more cancer patients need their genomes sequenced. And precision medicine is just over the horizon. 

“A platform like Genomical enables labs to scale up and keep up: giving patients the answers they need, while keeping their genomic data safe.” 

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Questions and Answers

Why will Genomical® now be run by a new company? 

Melbourne Genomics developed a software platform called Genomical® to help laboratories conduct clinical genomic testing at scale. The platform is now critical to the delivery of genomic testing in Victoria. 

A new venture called Transcendomics has been formed to best position the Genomical platform for future growth.

Will Genomical compete with tools from other genomics software providers? 

Quite the opposite – we’re broadening the market for everyone. Genomical is a platform that orchestrates a genomic test, enabling labs to use products from different vendors for primary, secondary and tertiary analysis. So, products that are integrated with Genomical will be more appealing to the medical laboratories that use our platform.  

We believe Genomical will become a marketplace for best-of-breed genomic products and services. 

Who is the team behind Transcendomics? 

Transcendomics will be led by experts in genomics, healthcare software, and new ventures. A Board of Directors with deep commercial expertise in the digital health and life sciences sector will support the growth of the business. 

Does Transcendomics plan to take Genomical nationwide? 

Absolutely. A shared platform like Genomical would solve problems that laboratories in all states and territories are experiencing. It is also the key to protecting Australians’ genomic data from cybertheft and misuse. 

How does Genomical protect genomic data? 

Genomic data is stored in the cloud through Amazon Web Services. This data is encrypted separately from personally identifiable information, and it is only accessible to the lab that performed the genomic test. If a patient consents, their data can be shared with another healthcare provider or an accredited research organisation.  

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